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Anyway, my nails are completely clean, it took time for the nail to grow, fungus free. I hope it helps someone out there, I was so happy that it worked so well. Hello Sarah, I have a comment on baking soda and acv remedy. You mentioned that baking soda is alkaline and helps to resist the growth of fungi, an acv is acidic, that fungi normal environment, but helps maintain ph.

Also oregano oil, recommended as stronger than tea tree oil - and quite expensive. Once again, an improvement. I tried the Vicks with socks at night, but I do not like to sleep with socks. Then I started an hour a week soaking in the water with lots of white vinegar. I had an immediate success - the fungus disappeared almost completely and quickly. Since then, I continued weekly soaking with Listerine vinegar and amber and no water - an hour while sitting at the computer.

If you think youhave a fingernail or fungus, first and foremost, see your dermatologist. There are several tests that your dermatologist can perform to identify the problem. These infections will not go away on their own, says Dr. Ng. So, for safety, you have to confirm exactly the cause. "It's important to be aware that there are other diseases that can cause nail changes," she says. "For example, we see skin cancer in the nails and even melanomas, which have a brownish or blackish discolouration."

Sprinkle the TreatmentCream. Lacquer. Ointment. Wax. Whatever the product, use a form of applicator brush, Q-Tip, etc. to apply a good amount to the infected areas. Start at the top and navigate to the sides and surrounding skin. Finish by carefully placing the treatment at the front of the nail, limiting its risk of contamination. Step 3 Allow time to absorb the treatment well and dry it naturally on the applied surfaces for about 10 minutes.

You can catch a fungal infection like nail fungus by walking barefoot in a pool, in a cloakroom or shower, or even when you have a pedicure in less hygienic conditions. The fungus grows in warm, dark, damp environments, like showers or sweaty shoes. Susceptibility can be increased in people who have diabetes, immunodeficiency, history of athlete's foot, or who are subject to excessive sweating.

Some men may not think about it! I agree with Sarah - do not feel shame. Good luck with your treatment! 🙂 Mixing the vinegar and baking soda together makes the acidity of the vinegar neutral because sodium bicarbonate is a base. Using baking soda and water as a paste after soaking in vinegar will work as an abrasive and clean up any debris / fungus that has been weakened by vinegar. Mixing the baking soda with the vindgar will not do you any good.

In general, the probability of permanent hardening of the nail fungus with topical treatment is not very high. The treatment with tablets is considerably more effective and takes less time. But this is not an option for everyone because of the very rare but serious risks. How do you weigh the pros and the disadvantages of different treatment options is a personal matter. You can also discuss it with your doctor.

Choose what you want to use in conjunction with the footbath and your feet and nail fungus will heal. The trick is to do it religiously every day. It's a battle and you have to fight the fungus and see it as the enemy. It's dramatic, but it's also the nail fungus. I work with pools every spring / summer / fall every year installation / removal / cleaning / maintenance, and am plumber all year, my feet are ALWAYS wet or in the water every day.

"Make sure you use soap on your feet," says dermatologist Dr. Mona Gohara. Many people do not, but you have to scrub them with a non-soap cleaner to get rid of the bacteria. If you're on the sweaty side, you should change your socks more often to prevent your feet stay wet all day - and keep some talcum powder on hand. If you tend to keep your fingers and toes hand and polished at all times, it may be time to give them a break for a day or two.

The following are nail conditions that have symptoms similar to nail fungus. The hematomas under the nail bed are large red, brownish or black spots that occur after trauma such as slamming a toe in a doorway or hitting a finger with a hammer. Caused by the bursting of the blood vessels under the nail, the hematomas will develop with the nail. However, if a red or black spot appears under the nail without trauma, it is important to have it checked by a doctor because it may be a melanoma.

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